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A world away from the everyday


Take a step away from your everyday, and unplug and unwind with one of our Vancouver Island day tours.


To be a Pilgrim is to be transported beyond your known life – a journey of shifting reality. We invite you to take a Pilgrimage on Vancouver Island : a World Away from the Everyday.



Terroire of a Labyrinth:
A Relationship with Landscape


Every labyrinth exists in a setting unique to itself. This interaction of the labyrinth within the context of its landscape provides unique experiences for the walker. A "flavor to savour" similar to the interaction of soil , climate and grape varietal that create the flavor complexity discerned in wine.


The endless variation on mindfulness and potential transformation provided by Vancouver Islands more than 60 labyrinths, each one in its own unique setting, is like the variety of wine flavors found in the wines of more than 25 wineries on the island.


A journey along Vancouver Island, labyrinth to labyrinth, is an immersion in a world away from the everyday without a known outcome or predetermined destination – pathways that carries you along in a state of peaceful awareness.


Insights, sense of clarity, calm, creativity and well being which arise from the simple act of mindfully walking a labyrinth, can be repeated with endlessly fresh variations arising from each new walk. You may walk with the same pace or intentions on the same labyrinth, however each day is a new day in our lives and we change our perspective from morning to night. As the dynamics of life around us changes, our reflections and insights also change. Not so much a change of landscape as a change of perspective.



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