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North Island Labyrinths

Is there a Labyrinth that you think should be listed here? Please contact us for details about adding Labyrinths to our locations.
40. Parksville Community Park

141 East Island Highway, Parksville

phone: 250-927-3730


We are excited to share  the newest Special Project of The Labyrinth Society “ Parksville Community Park Legacy Labyrinth”, Facilitated by Holly Carnegie Letcher (Occupational Therapist) at Oceanside Pathways2 Wellness- Holistic Health Services and volunteer co-chair of the 15th International Labyrinth Society Gathering, Vancouver Island, BC Canada, 2013.

 Innisfree Gardens

3636 Trent Rd, Royston

phone: 250-336-8768


The Labyrinth was drawn by Meg Hansen CVLF (Certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator).  It is a classical design seven path circuit built on hard sand.  It was dug and planted with the help of many friends over a week end to celebrate the summer Solstice of 2009 -  next to the woods and the pond.  It was planted with Blue Fescue grass.  It is a spectacular walk.

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