Experience the Labyrinths of Vancouver Island 



If you are wishing to find a labyrinth or more information about a particular labyrinth you can go to the Labyrinth Locator associated with the Labyrinth Society and find any labyrinth in the world that has been registered with the site. There you will find location specifics, pictures and an expanded description of each labyrinth. More than two thirds of the labyrinths on Vancouver Island are registered on the locator.



During 2018 Vancouver Island Labyrinths is undertaking an updating of the maps on the website  of the Labyrinths to be found on Vancouver Island. With the assistance of cartographer Alan Philip (aphilip@telus.net).

We are seeking to discover what new labyrinths may exist and which ones may have become dormant. If you have a labyrinth you would like posted on the maps or removed please let Alan know!


Thank you!

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