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Create your own Vancouver Island Pilgrimage

A world away from the everyday...

Peaceful Pathways Connecting Compassionate Communities.


Vancouver island is a convenient Pacific Island with 400 km to explore.  A fairy tale island where the miraculous is ordinary. Here, you will discover more than 50 labyrinths embedded in stunning vistas of mountains, oceans and forests, modern cities and vast wilderness.


Design your own pilgrimage at any time of year by requesting our itinerary and using the maps found here in the website to help plan your journey.


In planning your experience, we would like to encourage you to embrace all that this wonderful land has to offer; the vibrant culture of the first nations, the thriving arts and artisans, the abundance of organic foods, fresh seafood , wineries and breweries, the many festivals, and the incredible and diverse wildlife.


As a courtesy we do suggest that you contact ahead of time, the stewards of the labyrinths you are interested in visiting to ensure their property or location is open the date you wish to visit.


We suggest that you offer a small donation at each labyrinth for the charity of choice of that particular labyrinth steward or you may give a donation to the Cowichan Valley Hospice on behalf of all the labyrinths you visit.


We enjoy hearing from our visitors; stories and insights intrigue us all. Using the email contact found on the contact page please send us your stories; you might also indicate if we have permission to use your words on this website.


Thank you for your interest in our wonderful world away from the everyday and may you find serenity on our peaceful pathways.




Beyond labyrinths...
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