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Mindfully acknowledging all those who are embedded in the creation of this website...

Acknowledgements in a Quantum Universe


In the quantum universe it is no longer possible to separate out the ideas and influences that creates the synergy of the whole. What is created forms a new perspective on the nature of reality which cannot be taken apart. Just as the potential for transformation found in mindfully walking a labyrinth arises from a complex interaction of possibilities so does the creation of a website. Here we acknowledge the efforts of others, their exploring, creations, scholarship, conversations , talents , research, and passion for a subject (labyrinths) that both confounds and comforts the human mind at the same time.


The labyrinth community of Vancouver Island has given head, heart and hands to the work of supporting labyrinth use in our communities. And their are the many who helped with the development of this website – especially the moral support of members of the Cowichan Valley Labyrinth Circle (Clare, Joy, Sandy, Anne, Lawrene, Christa) and friends Aryana Rayne and Holly Carnegie Letcher.



We need to give special recognition to:



Artist: Joanne Thomson

Cartographer : Alan Philip

Red Fox Studio Designer: Kelly Landry

Pilgrimage Consultant : Pastor Dr. Murray Groom



SCHOLARSHIP INFLUENCES INCLUDE: ( a few of many, always a “works in progress”)


John Kabat Zinn

Margaret Wheatley

Thich Nhat Hanh

Picco Iyer

Phil Cousineau

Tom Harpur

Neil Turok


and the extensive body of literature on labyrinths


We would also like to extend our appreciation to the many reserachers and writers who have published thier studies, beliefs, and opinions about Labyrinths in the public domain.


Thank you for your interest – may your journey into labyrinths intrigue and support you – and may some of that journey be on our beautiful Vancouver Island.


Patricia Lyster

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