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The labyrinths of Vancouver Island
Experience the Labyrinths on Vancouver Island.  A world away from the everyday.  

Joanne Thomson

The journey begins with a single step. Walk with us.

Our Labyrinths are serene sanctuaries embedded in the inspiring landscapes of Vancouver Island.  There are more than 60 Labyrinths found in gardens, vineyards, forested glades or ocean side. Labyrinths found in places and experienced at a pace a world away from the everyday.  


Visitors and residents alike are invited to unplug and experience the benefits of these restorative havens.  Whether you are pausing for a day, on a weekend excursion, planning a retreat, or venturing on a spiritual pilgrimage, you will find the resources you need to plan your experience here.

Vancouver Island Labyrinths
Pilgrimages to Vancouver Island

Joanne Thomson

Maps of Vancouver Island Labyrinths
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